Monday, 25 July 2011

Apple Tart

Not particularly strange and also not the best photograph! But it tasted really really good. I baked it in an Aga, which I am slowly getting used to. It is a really simple version of a Tarte Tatin. First I peeled five apples, chopped them in half and cored them. Then made a syrup using caster sugar, vanilla essence, 3 cloves, cinnamon and a splash of water which I melted down until it was thick and syrupy. I coated all the apple pieces in the syrup and left them to cook for a few minutes. Then, I added a few lumps of butter stirred it all up and covered the mixture with rolled out filo pastry pushing down the sides with a wooden spoon, popped it in the Aga for about 25 minutes and tipped it on to a plate. It was good.